Friday, September 24, 2010

DMC Minute #9 - 25th September, 2010

DMC Minute #9 - Labuan Skateboarding
Filmed & Edited By : Mark Ak.
Featuring : Poroq, Amar, Max, Uda & Roy
Music : Anya Marina - Vertigo

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Loop All Day

Hey ya'll, it's been a pretty long time since i've updated anything on the blog so on this chapter i'mma hit you guys up with this new thing that just came up on the scene called "Loop Distribution". So yea, some of ya'll may heard about this thing around mostly everywhere on facebook right? Well, loop distribution is pretty much your basic local distribution company that pretty much supplies all those skate products that you guys might need and they supply goods such as Lakai, Fallen, DVS, VOX, Dekline and more but their latest ones are Jart & Anagram Skateboards. So, i've chat around with the owner of the company, Amer Izani, and he told me that Loop Distribution is a rebrand of his old company "Grindhouse Entreprise" which used to be a local skate shop in Johor Bharu. So for now, they're still in the progress to get themselves known in the public and still in a promotion period before they start as an official distribution company. Loop distribution for now only run as an online skate shop and as for now they have sponsored 2 of the local skaters who are Man Extra & Perak JB. Amer also said that they will be coming up with some of their own goods to put up for the company as soon as the company goes official. Well i guess that's pretty much what i could talk on Loop so if any of you guys are interested on getting those stuffs that you need. Loop might be the one to hook you up with all that so all you guys have to do is just hit them up at their facebook page or even their website down there.. and that's all from me.. Peace!

Loop's Facebook :!/pages/Loop-Distribution/154423801239854?ref=ts

Loop's Website : (Still under countdown)

- Mark Ak.

Monday, September 6, 2010

DMC Minute #8 - 6th September, 2010

there you have it guys,, DMC Minute #8.. it's been like a million year since i've upload them DMC Minute videos because of being super busy and all.. so yea,, this is all i could come up with now.. done this one in an hour.. hope ya'll enjoy this one.. Peace!

DMC Minute #8 - Labuan Skateboarding (DMC SKATE TEAM)
Filmed & Edited By : Mark Ak.
Featuring : Amar, Miding, Qais, Apinz, Joe, Fendi, David, & Roy
Music : Brother Ali - Forest Withiker

- Mark Ak.