Friday, January 21, 2011

Borneo Update! (SLA Shop)

Here goes, SLA Shop! Finally another up rise on the skate scene here in borneo/east malaysia. For everyone of ya'll that's wondering what SLA is, it simply stance for Skate + Lomo + Art. Just to let you guys know, the owners of the shop are husband & wife, Charles aka Achai & Emily. Achai told me that the main concept of the store is pretty much on the skateboarding and the rest is on Lomography/Photography. For the artworks they got in their shop are much different from any other normal art shop, because they prefer arts from the local artist(mainly borneo). Besides that, Achai wants everyone to have a chance on what they're passionate about such as the artist with their artwork and photographers with their photography. One way of him doing that is by promoting their work on the shops' "Arts Wall" which isn't that big like the normal galleries but he said it's one way to start with on promoting these talented people. Every month they will feature on different artists. So now, i'm suggesting everyone that's reading should.. Wait scratch that, everyone that's reading MUST give SLA a visit while you're at KK. So to end this thing, i wanna congratulate Achai & Emily on SLA with what it is now and wish you guys all the best in the future. Cheers!

Location of SLA :
Lot No. 24, First Floor, Block D, Warisan Square,
Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, 88000

Products that SLA brings for now
Decks : GIRL, Chocolate & Almost.
Trucks : Independent, Venture, Royal & etc.
Wheels : Spitfire, Girl & Chocolate.
Camera : Lomo Camera (plastic camera)
Films : 35mm - 120mm, Slide, Negative & B&W
Apparels(Shirts) : International & Local brand

To find out more about SLA Shop you could visit their facebook page here :!/pages/Skate-Lomo-Arts-Shop-SLA-Shop/159355857441799

- Mark Ak.