Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's now 31st March 2011 at 10:48pm and another 12 Hours 09 Minutes Left Now!! Still on the countdown for the launch on another one of the latest local web production for the skateboarding & other extreme scene in Malaysia. Slow Mo TV is what it is, and as what i've found out from Man Extras' blog,, as usual the aim for these things are always about pushing up the local scene in Malaysia. All about promoting skateboarding, BMX & inline thru the aspects of events & competitions, trick tips, interviews & many more. I'd have to say the uprise on promoting the locals with this way is very good, cause this will definitely bring up all the scene and happening here in Malaysia.

Check out their latest promo/teaser :

Slowmo promo 4 (aggressive inline) from Slowmo on Vimeo.

Well for more infos and videos from SLOW MO TV, you guys could check out their website or you could "LIKE" them up at their Facebook Like Page at "SLOW MO TV"
So that's all from me, Cheers ya'll!

- Mark Ak.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


"MIDINGs EYEs" - DMC SKATE TEAM (Labuan Skateboarding)
Filmed By : Damiding Kungoing
Edited By : Mark Ak.
Featuring : Adeq, Amar, Fendi, Rafiq, Qais, Porroc & Some of the KL Friends.
Music : Tupac - Me Against The World (Feat. Notorious B.I.G. And Bill Withers) & Golden Eye - Eraser

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

February Montage SON!!!

February Montage (2011) - DMC SKATE TEAM (Labuan Skateboarding)
Filmed & Edited By : Mark Ak.
Additional Filming : Kelvin
Featuring :
DMC SKATE TEAM - Miding, Adeq, Amar, Saiful, Napee & Amirrul
LBN Rollerz - Roy
Shot With A : Nikon D90
Music : Air Castle - Maps Of Someday & Benzino - Feeling Like

February Montage features Skate Jam at Dataran Labuan during Hari Wilayah & some street skating.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

60fps Videos!!

What is up readers?! As you could see up there the title, 60fps Videos, which is one of the latest video production (Skate Videos & more) here in Malaysia. The production is runned by the people under Yak Yak/Yak Yak Ent. 60fps Videos are more focused on the filming and editing footage of the skate scene that's happening mostly all over Malaysia. What i could tell from their facebook page, they're soon to be targeting on a production house. I can't really say much but just go check them out. For more infos and videos on 60fps Videos, go on to their facebook "like" page and click LIKE at "60fps Videos". I guess that's all from me, so the best of luck to the people at 60fps Videos on all their future productions. Peace!!

Facebook : 60fps Videos

Latest Videos :

- Mark Ak.