Monday, May 2, 2011

Rest In Peace to the soul of Al-Rusdi Yusuf Aka Babun

One of the local skater from KK, Al-Rusdi Yusuf a.k.a. Babun had just passed away from an accident just recently, unfortunately, i haven't got the chance to know the man himself that much but i know we have the same love on skateboarding and being a skateboarder, also when it comes to things like this, i'm sure all we humans tend to think about how life could be taken away just like that. All we can do is appreciate more with the life we've been given and pray always to the one that had passed away so that their soul could rest in peace, so let's all give moment of silence for him and pray so that his soul may rest in peace. Much condolences to everyone of Babun's family and friends. Rest in peace bro, you will be missed!

- Mark Ak.