Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New edit up on MAK VIDS/FILMS!!!

Short edit from a BBQ at the beach last May when Rafiq came back, so yea. Check em out!

Filmed & Edited By : Mark Ak.
Shot With : Canon 550D Rebel T2i
Music : Rogue Wave - Lake Michigan
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YouTube -​planb2510
Facebook Page -​pages/​MAK-VidsFilms/​162552437151245?ref=ts

Thursday, July 14, 2011

MAK Vids/Films!!!

What up? What up? What up? I know it's been hella while that I haven't posted anything here, well here's a little something for you guys to check out. I recently just made a Facebook page for all the videos i worked on, MAK Vids/Films. So just wanna give a little update on that, hope you guys could "LIKE" the page up so you guys could always check out the new videos up for you guys to check out. Anyways, that's all. Cheers!

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- Mark Ak.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Labuan Skate/Blade Competition (KARNIVAL SUKAN PELANCONGAN W.P. LABUAN) - 250611/260611

Finally, here's a quick recap from the skate/blade comp (KARNIVAL SUKAN PELANCONGAN W.P. LABUAN) on the 25th & 26th of june. Everything here is shot only on the 25th which is the qualifying round but the results are also in the video because i didn't get to shoot on the finals. Reason is i need to head back to KK like damn early on that day. But yea, definitely the best event i've been in ever and this is pretty much all i can put on from that day. Cheers!

Filmed & Edited By : Mark Ak
Skateboarding Features : Wawan, Mong, Wynold, Faiq, Saiful, Amirrul, Max, Miding, Jono, Amar, Qais, Bamm, Awg, Apit Kedah, Zainul, Dyne & Porroc
Music : Jay-Z - Moment Of Clarity

Results :
1st - Porroc (KK)
2nd - Dyne (Brunei)
3rd - Zainul (Sarawak)
4th - Apit (Kedah)
5th - Awg (Brunei)

Blade Section Coming Soon!!
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